—— Corporate Purpose ——
Our philosophy
    Sanco regards the development of the industry as its own responsibility.     We regard every project as a new start for the company, while recognizing our previous results, reflecting the value and developing our potential.    In the future, we will continue to uphold our most fundamental corporate beliefs, while maintaining stability and professionalism, relying on advanced management, rich technical experience and the innovative development concepts.      We will carry on pursuing our mission, which is Sanco’s commitment to connecting system solutions, and keep up on shaping the benchmark of the new industry.
Our Policy On Quality
- Continuous improvement
- Satisfying our customers
- Striving for innovation
-Connecting system solutions
- Being a trusted partner of our customers
- Being the best employer
Our Mission
Our Position
- Focusing on our customers
- Striving for continuous innovation
- Working on market needs
- Concentrating on quality
Our Strategy Values
- Honesty - Quality - Innovation - Practice
ADD : Hightech Industrial Park, Zengjiang Avenue (east), No.9 Weisi Rd.,  Zengcheng
         District, Guangzhou District, GuangZhou,GuangDong
TEL: +86-20-22616666                   FAX: +86-20-22619977