Company Profile
About Sanco  
    Sanco Intelligent Connecting Technology Co.,Ltd. was established in March 2009, with the registered capital of 135.7321 million yuan. Headquartered in Guangzhou City, the total construction area amounts to more than  40,000㎡, including the development design, manufacturing, sales and also after-sales service in one of the national high-tech enterprises.
        We are focusing on the following products: high voltage connection system for electrical vehicles, electric vehicle accessories parts, power complex busbars, copper and aluminum busbars, soft busbars, laminated busbars, heavy industrial connectors, communication connectors, medical connection systems and industrial precision components.  Moreover, our company also includes a systematic, high quality inspection center to meet the various requirements of our customers.
         With a complete industrial chain in our possession, the independent product research and development ability our company has professional manufacturing capacities for the following products:
       Precision mold manufacturing, cold heading forming, die casting molding, injection molding, metal machining, stamping molding, electroplating process, electrostatic spraying and connector assembly technology.

ADD : Hightech Industrial Park, Zengjiang Avenue (east), No.9 Weisi Rd.,  Zengcheng
         District, Guangzhou District, GuangZhou,GuangDong
TEL: +86-20-22616666                   FAX: +86-20-22619977